A line element is often used to separate different sections of a survey. As with questions and text elements, you add lines from the Edit Survey page.

  1. There are two options.  You can either click on the "+" button in the middle of the screen and then choose "Line" or you can click and drag the "Horizontal Line" button from the left side of the screen to where you want it to be on the right side.  Either method opens the Add Line screen.
  2. The Add Line screen shows all of the customization options available to you. You can change the: 
    1. Line height in pixels (essentially dots) 
    2. Line width either as a percentage of the screen size (0-100%) or in pixels. 
    3. Top margin. This is the spacing on top of the line (0-100 pixels). 
    4. Bottom margin. The spacing below the line (0-100 pixels). 
    5. Line color. Clicking on the color box will let you choose from any color in the rainbow. First choose the approximate color on the right side and then exact shade on the left. If you know the exact hex code, you can also enter that in the field at the bottom. When you're happy with the color, don't forget to click "Select" at the bottom to choose it. 
  3. Finally, click "Add" at the bottom to refresh the survey page and show your new line.