Distribute survey by web link

Modified on: 2015-02-17 11:17:49 +0100

After you've created a survey, it's now time to make it available for people to access.  This tutorial will show you how to create a unique link that you can give to anyone who you'd like to take the survey.  Send the survey link by email, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can think of.

Please note that you can add as many distributors to your survey as you like.  Each one will be a different link and you can optionally set different start and end dates and times.

  1. From the "My Surveys" overview page, choose the survey you want to distribute.
  2. Click on the "Distribute" button on the menu bar.

    This will bring you to the Distribution page that shows any existing distributors as well as the "Add Web Link" button.

  3. Now click on the "Add Web Link" button to show the "Setup Web Link Distributor" window.

  4. Enter a name for this distributor
  5. Make sure the Status field is set to "Enable".  If you ever want or need to turn off your distributor, set this field to "Disable".
  6. Next, you have the option to set a starting date, ending date or both.  Just click in the field, choose your date and time and then click on "Done".

  7. Users of our Premium plan type now have the option of entering a personalized link.  While normal links look like this: www.surveyrock.com/ts/JK4RV2, a personalized link is a bit different: www.surveyrock.com/ts/253/Customer-Survey
  8. In the "Closed Message" field you can enter the message that you would like your survey responders to see when your survey is closed or disabled.  If you enter nothing here, a standard message will be shown.
  9. If you'd like to limit the number of people who can take your survey, that number would need to be entered in the "Quota" field.  Please note that the Basic/Free plan is limited to 125 responders.  The Premium plan has no limits.
  10. Finally, the "Quota-Full Message" field is for you to enter the message you'd like your users to see when your survey quota has been reached.  If you are on our Basic/Free plan, the limit is 125 or, if you are on our Premium plan, whatever you have entered in the "Quota" field.
  11. When you're done making the changes, click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen.
  12. You are now returned to the Distribution page where you can see new link for your survey.  Select and copy this link to an email, a Facebook post or Twitter tweet to distribute it.