While we offer all of our users a great overview of their survey results as well as the ability to see the answers given by each individual respondent, sometimes you need to use other tools and programs to analyze the data further.  For our clients on paid account plans we also offer the ability to export your summary survey data as well as the individual respondent data in Excel or CSV (comma separated values) format, which can be imported by most data analysis software and also in the SPSS proprietary format.

To export your data, please follow these steps:

  1. From the "Dashboard" overview page, choose the survey you want to analyze.
  2. Click the "Reporting" button on the menu bar. This will bring you to the reporting statistics page that shows you how many people started and completed a survey as well as the device used to take the questionnaire (mobile, tablet, desktop). 
  3. From the Reporting page, click on the "Export" button to open the report export window.
  4. Now, choose if you want to export the data summary or the individual response data.
  5. Select to export the data in either Excel, CSV or SPSS format.
  6. If you want to export all of the data, including responses from open ended questions (text box or text area questions), click on the checkbox next to "Include open ended questions".
  7. Select if you want to download the data for all of your survey pages or just specific pages. 
  8. Click "Export".  After a few seconds, you will be prompted to open a program to view the data export or to download the file to your computer.