Our customers on one of our paid account plans can export their survey data in several different formats, including the SPSS proprietary format (.sav).  SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis and is also used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners and others.

This guide will show you how to export your survey response data to an SPSS file.

  1. Go to the "Reporting" section and click on "Export". The export option window will appear. 
  2. Choose "SPSS" (the 'Individual Responses' option will automatically be chosen), select Include open-ended questions if you want those included (text box and text line questions) and click "Export" at the bottom. 
  3. A window will pop-up asking if you want to save the file or open in SPSS. I started up SPSS and see the below screen. 

See also our introductory blog entry for more information on this topic: