Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short, is a number that tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your product, service or company to a friend or colleague. All it takes is a simple survey question like the one below.

Survey Template

Getting started with NPS is very easy with SurveyRock. You have two options.  You can either add the individual questions yourself, just use our NPS template.

  1. From your survey Dashboard click on "+Create" and then "Survey from Template" to see all of our various surveys templates. 
  2. Scroll down to "Net Promoter Score" and click on the title to see a sample questionnaire
  3. Click the "Select" button to copy the NPS template to your dashboard. 

You now have a 4 page NPS survey that you can customize as you wish. The first page is the NPS question itself. The second is a follow-up question to help you gain insight as to why the customer selected the number that they did. The third page helps you with demographic information and the last page is to assist with any subsequent contact. That's all it takes!

Manual Entry

  1. If instead you would prefer to create the survey by hand, the first step is to choose the NPS question type from the question menu or drag and drop it from the menu on left side of the page edit screen.  This will display the "Add NPS Question" screen. 
  2. Enter the NPS question text or just use the default question that is provided. 
  3. Click "Add" and you will return to the page edit screen with your new question.  

NOTE: For more information on the NPS question, please see our introductory blog post.